Hawaii Trophy Roping Saddle
Klicatat Custom Roping Saddle
Best Selling Trophy Roper
Jack Daniels Classic
Jared K Memorial Roping Saddle
COBRA Trophy Roper
Fully Tooled Roper
Dale Chavez Youth Saddle
Dale Chavez Trophy Roping Saddle
Favorite Barrel Saddle
Heat It Up Barrel Saddle
Baby Blue Barrel Racer
Holy Moly Barrel Saddle
Zebra Ostrich Seat
Baca Rodeo Saddle
Runnin P Trophy Roper
Dale Chavez WNFR Champion Saddle
Dale Chavez Trophy Barrel Saddle
Baca Rodeo Saddle
Runnin' P Roper, chestnut, tri-weave tooled, wine suede seat, trophy buckle plates.
Runnin' P Roper, medium brown, rough-out fenders and jockey, red suede seat, trophy buckle plates.
Runnin' P Roper, chestnut, baskest weave tooled, cream suede seat.
Runnin' P Roper, light oil, floral tooled with stained filigree, black ostrich bicycle seat.
Runnin' P Roper, Chocolate, harness spots, basket weave, black suede seat.
Dale Chavez Roper, Full floral tooing, light oil, tan suede seat and custom trophy buckle plates and conchos.
Dale Chavez Roper, mahogny, basket weave, silver berrys, tan suede seat, custom conchos and buckle plates. Matching headstall and breastcollar.
Dale Chavez Barrel Racer, chocolate, basketweave, chocolate suede seat and custom buckle plates and conchos.
Runnin' P Barrel Racer, chestnut, rough-out fender and jockey, cream suede seat
Dale Chavez Youth Barrel Saddle, light oil, rough-out fender and jockey, floral tooled filigree, background dyed, custom silver and matching blanket.
Runnin' P Barrel Saddle, light oil, floral filgree tooled, background dyed, tooled hard bicycle seat and big ruby stones.
Runnin' P Barrel Saddle, chocolate, basket weave, rough-out fender and jockey, light blue suede seat.
Runnin' P Barrel Saddle, light oil, floral tooled stained filigree, tooled bicycle seat.
Runnin' P Barrel Saddle, light oil, fully tooled filigree, background dyed, ostrich seat.
Dale Chavez Barrel Saddle, light oil, custom filigree floral tooled, dyed background and custom silver. Matching headstall and brestcollar.
Dale Chavez Roping Saddle custom filigree floral tooled and dyed background. Custom silver.
Runnin' P Roper, black floral filigree, background dyed red, red ostrich bicyle seat and custom buckle plate.
Runnin' P Roper, medium oil, basket weave & floral tooled, rough-out fender and jockey, black ostrich seat.
Dale Chavez Roping Saddle, light oil, acorn tooled and a brown croc seat.
Runnin' P Roping Saddles, back view.
Runnin' P Roping Saddle, medium oil, basket weave, smooth fender and jockey,  brass harness spots and hearts, smooth hard seat. Matching breastcollar.
Runnin' P Roping Saddle, chocolate, basket weave, square skirts, tan croc seat and custom buckle plate.
Dale Chavez Training Saddle, light oil, rough-out, trophy fenders.