WS-44 Mareeba Rodeo from Australia was the first club to try adding the Rodeo Drive conchos to the custom buckles. $325.
WS-24 Mareeba Rodeo choose this rose gold custom bcukles mixed with silver spur and gold lettering. $315.
Chavez custom buckle with a black background, silver balls, rose gold scrolls, silver lettering and blue stones. $250.
Chavez buckle with a black background, silver balls and rope edge, gold logo & lettering with enamel extras. $250.
Wow what a great enamel design for the barrel bash buckle. Antique silver mixed with the bright silver, rose gold and white stones. $250.
Another unique design changing the look of a traditional oval silver buckle. The corner flowers and black and red stone with a red enamel custom center. $250.
On the surface this traditional buckle style still pops, black and red enamel on the white pearl background. $250.
Antique silver surrounds the white pearl background making the blue stones pop. $250.
ST-0871 Lots of color and class with 4 large enameled ovals in your choice of color. $205.
ST-0870 This unique buckle has a die-cut stair step edge with small beads and 4 large stones. $205.
ST-0855 Striking new shape with 16 tear drop stones, antiqued, 2 smooth edges and 2 vine edges. $240.
ST-0875 This little beauty has a double rope and bead edge. $205.
ST-0855 I just love this buckle with 16 tear drop stones and antiqued! $240.
ST-0872 A buckle with the edge, 2 ropes and large and small beads, antiqued and lots of style! $205.
ST-0875 Double rope edge, engraved natural base with a curved window for your logo or motif. $205.
ST-0871 Big oval stones, vine edge, rose gold scrolls $205.
WS-7 Natural German Silverbase with jewelers bronze, natural copper and antique finish. $200.
WS-706 Natural German Silvebase with jewelers bronze and antique finish. $200.
WS-738 Natural German Silver with jewelers bronze and antique finish. $210.
Club Discounts Start at 5 Buckles
WS- Natural German Silverbase with jewelers bronze, gold lettering and antique finish $175.